Reasearch at the Chair of Electron Devices

Summary of Research Activities

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The Chair of Electron Devices is pursuing research and development on various Areas of research on microelectronics and semiconductor technology, partially in cooperation with the Externer Link: Fraunhofer IISB Fraunhofer IISB.

A broad spectrum of services for external partners is available at the LEB.

In several research programs, selected aspects of semiconductor technology are scientifically investigated, and innovations are pushed forward.

Moreover, staff members contribute to scientific committees in microelectronics.

National and international research cooperations

The Chair of Electron Devices is participating in a wide number of national and international cooperations. Partners are among others:

  • Infineon Technologies (Munich, Villach, Erlangen)
  • Degussa / Creavis Technologies & Innovation (Marl)
  • Nanoworld Services (Erlangen)
  • ELMOS (Dortmund)
  • ZMD (Dresden)
  • Texas Instruments, Freising
  • Universities
    • Osaka (Japan)
    • Trient (Italy)
    • Bochum
    • Munich (UniBW)
    • Zurich (ETH)
    • IIT Madras (India)
    • North Carolina State University (USA)
  • Hungarian and Russian Acadmies of Sciences
  • Research Institutes
    • Fraunhofer IISB (Erlangen)
    • IMEC (Leuven, Belgium)
    • CEA-LETI (Grenoble, France)
    • Tyndall Research Institute (Cork, Ireland)

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