Lectures and Courses

The courses at the LEB give an indepth understanding on the physics and technology of semiconductor devices.

Besides the basic lecture "Halbleiterbauelemente", that is a mandatory course for students in Electrical Engineering (EEI) and Mechatronics, the LEB is also contributing to EEI studiese majoring in "Microelectronics", "Power Electronics" and "General Electrical Engineering".

For the advanded study period of Mechatronics the LEB offers the major in "Electron Devices and their reliability" and is participating in courses of the majors "Microproduction technology" and "Production Systems".

Moreover, the LEB emphasises on study courses in "Computational Engineering" as well as "Material Sciences" and a number of electives for further disciplines.

Examination results

Results of current examinations are available on Externer Link: StudOnStudOn.

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